One of the most difficult parts about being a British Expat here in the states is of course missing good old British TV. Lets face it, American TV although great at times simply doesn't match up to what we had back in Blighty. Do you ever wish you could sit back on your sofa in the evening, make a cup of tea and watch your fovorite soaps on TV like you did back home. Maybe you miss watching Match of the Day or keeping up to date with the Rugby. Or maybe you miss a whole host of shows from BBC, ITV, Channel 4 or Sky. Well how does watching live British television on your home TV sound to you?

The British Food Depot is proud to have teamed up with the leading provider of British TV to Expats across the world to help bring British TV back to your home. The process is so simple and cheap!

For more info on how to take advantage of this wonderful service, simply click on the picture below.